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Company History

Established in October 1983 as a data communication cable manufacturer for the computer networking industry. We have been manufacturing and selling cables with specific characteristics and top performance that are above the standards.

Our products have been featured in extensive communication infrastructures such as the communication cables at Universal Studio Japan, network systems at Kansai airport, and cables at NTT all over Japan. These digital communication technology advantaged products have established their own business model and position.

After that we invented the long length HDMI cable with a built-in equalizer as the audio/visual industry began to switch from analog to digital. The HDMI cable has been introduced for professional use and has been seen at booths for major manufacturers at CEATEC JAPAN.

In July 2008, we introduced the flat structured HDMI cable which came about from the learned experiences and improvements of the long length cables. We released a broad line-up of the cables (0.7m-15m) and expanded our business not only for professionals but also for the consumer market with reliability, high visual quality, and high audio quality.

In April 2009, we simultaneouslly developed our best HDMI cables, [R series] and hybrid structured [S series]. AIM HDMI cables have had high evaluations from magazines, media, critics, and end-users as a result of pursuing visual and audio quality.

In September 2010, we introduced audio LAN cables [SHIELDIO series]. Unlike previous LAN cables, the [SHIELDIO series] has a better design concept with noise control technology and has been rated excellent as it has been used not only by media but also as a reference cable for file player manufacturers.

As PC audio becomes more common, SHIELDIO; a USB cable suited for audio “UAC” was released in December 2012. It achieved high praise from not only the consumer market but also professional audio officials along with the independent evaluation from audio magazines. Furthermore, in 2013 high grade model “UA1”was released, uses for EMI suppression effect material called 【PULSHUT MU】. As a top producer of cables, we have received the highest accolades which resulted in chosen to be the “Best Buy No.1”.

Developed long range cable in the dawn of 4K resolution “LS series” were released in December 2012. The world’s first hybrid optical HDMI cable that has astounding transmission ability, which led to the highest rating from magazines, dealers and end-users.

In December 2016, marked a new era of “Native 4K” with our new technology we managed to break the previous limits of transmission and released the laser HDMI cable “LS2”. This product is great for stability and quality, it brings incredible image onto the screen even at the high speed of 18Gpbs. Our company continuous award winning reputation is a hallmark of our quality and continues to strive for excellence.

Performance Oriented

AIM Electronics has been building client trust by pursuing better performance and quality as a cable manufacturer for professional business use for years, and also our performance oriented products describe our philosophy and concept through the visual and audio quality.

Company Information

Company Name AIM Electronics Co., Ltd.
Address 1353 Isobe Minamiku Sagamihara Kanagawa Japan 252-0327
Phone 81-46-253-4902
Capital ¥20,000,000
Established Oct. 1, 1983
President Eishi Nakayama
Employee 70
Banks Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ, Shoko Chukin Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Bank of Yokohama
Logistics Center 1107-20 Taima Sagamihara, Kanagawa 229-0016
R&D Center 1354-4 Isobe Minamiku Sagamihara Kanagawa Japan 252-0327


  • Bus stop #4 (For Isobe) at Sobudaimae Station (Odakyu Line), 5 minute walk from the last stop
  • 15 minute walk from Shimomizo Station (JR Sagami Line)