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[S2] Series


  • Overseas only
  • 4K/60P 18Gbps HDR supported.
  • All products are tested for quality assurance at 18Gbps before shipment.
  • Small connector will improve workability.


Maximum Resolution 4K/60p 24bit (4:4:4) or 4K/60p 36bit (4:2:2)
HDMI Standard HDMI 2.0a compliant
Connector PVC
Connector Size W19mm x H8.8mm x D30mm
Outer Diameter of the Cable 3.7mm
Cable Conductor Optical fiber
Bend Radius 10mm
Cable Pull Strength 300N(Max)
Note:The value is for reference only and is not intended to infer any quaranteed value.
Cable Color Black
Cable Configuration Hybrid type(Fiber and copper wires)
External Power Supply Not necessary
HDMI Control Functions CEC and ARC supported, HEC not supported

Example of connecting

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.
* Visit our website for 4K support details.
* Design and specification are subject to change without notice.

Caution when connecting
HDMI cable has direction. Please connect to "SOURCE" and "DISPLAY" in correct equipment. Connecting to opposite direction will cause malfunctioning.
Caution when connecting

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
DRE18G-10 10m
DRE18G-15 15m
DRE18G-20 20m