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[E] Series2

※ 8m and above length are only support CEC and ARC. Depends on the connection of equipment configuration, 5m length may not be output correctly.


  • Highly cost-effective model that meets performance requirements based on proven results.
  • Improved performance with a flat structure and a built-in active equalizer.(available for FL 8 through FLE2-15)
  • Improved usability with better flexibility than the previous model.


Maximum Resolution Up to 5m 4K/60p 24bit (4:4:4) or 4K/60p 36bit (4:2:2)
8m and longer 1080p
HDMI Standard Up to 5m HDMI2.0a Base
8m and longer HDMI1.4Base
Connector 24K gold plated and die cast zinc alloy
Connector Size W20.8mm x H52.0mm x D11.3mm
Cable Conductor HC-OFC(High-Conductivity Oxygen-free copper)
Shield High density magnetic triple layer shield, TMDS each 4 pair is shieided by aluminum and copper braid
Cable Size W18.0mm x H3.5mm
Insulator FM-PE x SKIN(Double layered structure:High performance Expanded)
Struture Flat straight structure to shorten the internal conductor
External Power Supply Not necessary

Example of connecting

* We do not quarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.
* Visit our website for 4K support details.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
FLE2-007 0.7m
FLE2-01 1m
FLE2-015 1.5m
FLE2-02 2m
FLE2-03 3m
FLE2-05 5m
FLE2-08 8m
FLE2-10 10m
FLE2-12 12m
FLE2-15 15m