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Premium Reference [R2] Series

  • VGP2019 Summer
  • Bestbuy 2016 Summer
  • HiVi GP 2015
  • Bestbuy 2015 Winter


  • Supports 4K/60p 4:4:4 24bit(18Gbps)*1
  • Equipped with a pure silver(single core) conductor having excellent transmission characteristics.
  • Performs about 25% faster than the previous model.*2
  • Exhibits much greater flexibility and lightness with improved cable sheath material.
  • Demonstrates enhanced Electromagnetic Interference reduction properties with PULSHUT® MU(Asahi Kasei Corporation) attached to the inside of the connector.
    wiring diagram
    Reduces unwanted Electromagnetic Interference by cutting Electromagnetic Interference emitted from the device and conduction noise from the power source.
    PULSHUT® is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.

*1 All products are tested for 18Gbps transmission before shipment.
*2 Based on the comparison of the previous R10 model and FLR2-10 model.


Maximum Resolution 4K/60p 24bit(4:4:4) or 4K/60p 36bit(4:2:2)
HDMI Standard HDMI2.0a Base
Connector 24K gold plated and die cast zinc alloy
Connector Size W20.8mm x H52.0mm x D11.3mm
Cable Conductor Sterling silver solid line(99.99% of British silver)
Shield High density braided, High performance aluminum shield(Quad Shield2)
Cable Size W18.0mm x H4.0mm
Cable Color Black
Insulator FM-PE x SKIN(Double layered structure:High performance expanded)
Structure Shortened the internal conductor a flat straight structure
External Power Supply Not necessary

wiring diagram

wiring diagram

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.
* Visit our website for 4K support details.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
FLR2-007 0.7m
FLR2-01 1m
FLR2-015 1.5m
FLR2-02 2m
FLR2-03 3m
FLR2-05 5m
FLR2-08 8m
FLR2-10 10m

This product has limited availability while supply lasts.