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[FLV] Series

※ Depends on the connection of equipment configuration, it may not be output correctly.


  • Passive design achieved its highest standard of 8K 48Gbps absolute performance.*
  • Utilizing a new flat structure improved extream boundary.
  • Demonstrate enhanced Electromagnetic Interference reduction properties with PULSHUT®MU(Asahi Kasei Corporation) attached to the back side of the connector.
    wiring diagram

* All products are tested for 48Gbps transmission before shipment.


Maximum Resolution 10K/120p* 8K/30p 36bit(4:4:4)
Connector 24K gold plated and die cast zinc alloy
Connector Size W20.8mm x H52.0mm x D11.3mm
Cable Size W18.0mm x H4.0mm
Cable Conductor OFC(Oxygen-free copper)(5N) + Sterling silver plated
Shield High density braided, high performance aluminum shield(Quad Shield2)
Cable Color Black
Insulator FM-PE + SKIN(Double layered structure:High performance expanded)
Cable Structure Shortened the internal conductor a flat structure
External Power Supply Not necessary

* For 10K/120p transmission, DSC compression transmit signals compressed on the equipment side as defined by the HDMI standard.

wiring diagram

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
FLV-01 1m
FLV-015 1.5m
FLV-02 2m
FLV-03 3m
FLV-05 5m