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Premium HDMI Laser Cable [LS2]


  • Newest built-in equalizer which transmits stable 4K/60p 18Gbps signal.
  • Focused on ability and quality leads to superior cost performance.
  • All products are tested for quality assurance at 18Gbps before shipment.

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.


Maximum Resolution 4K/60p 24bit(4:4:4) or 4K/60p 36bit(4:2:2)
HDMI Standard HDMI2.0a Base
Connector 24K gold plated and die cast zinc alloy
Connector Size Source:W20mm x H33mm x D11mm
Display:W20.5mm x H44mm x D11.2mm
Outer Cable Diameter 8.5Φ
Cable Configuration HC-OFC(Oxygen Free High Conductivity Copper)
Shield Al- foil with aluminum magnesium alloy triple layer shield
Bend Radius 90mm
Cable Color Black
Insulator PVC
Structure Shortened the internal conductor a round structure
External Power Supply Not necessary

wiring diagram

HDMI cable has direction.
Please connect to "Source" and "Display" in correct equipment. Connecting in opposite direction will cause malfunctioning.
Caution when connecting

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
IM4K-10 10m
IM4K-12 12m
IM4K-15 15m