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Ultra High Speed Laser Cable [LS-U]

※ Depends on the connection of equipment configuration, it may not be output correctly.


  • HDMI2.1 standard certified cable
  • 8K 60AB/4K 120AB stable transmission possible up to 20m in length
  • Equipped with new circuit made external power supply unnecessary


Maximum Resolution 10K/120B *1 8K/60A 36bit(4:2:0)
Connector 24K gold plated
Connector Size W20.5mm x H11mm x D40mm
Outer Diameter of the cable 4.7Φ(for all models)
Cable Conductor Optical fiber for FRL signal line, other lines are copper wire
Shield Double layered aluminum shield
Bend Radius 25.4mm
Cable Color Black
Insulator PVC
Cable Configuration Hybrid of quartz fiber and copper wire
External Power Supply Not necessary
HDMI Control Functions HEC not supported

*1 For 10k/120B transmission, DSC compression transmit signals compressed on the equipment side as defined by the HDMI standard.

wiring diagram

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
LS-U10 10m
LS-U15 15m
LS-U20 20m