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Premium HDMI Laser Cable [LS2]

※ Depends on the connection of equipment configuration, it may not be output correctly.


  • Supports 4K/60p 4:4:4 24bit(18Gbps)*1
  • Supports the maximum HDMI transmission speed for 4K resolution and HDR.
  • Transmits high-resolution video through the quartz optical fiber without Electromagnetic Interference.
  • Achieves stable performance with the newly developed VDC*2(patent pending) built-in.

*1 All products are tested for 18Gbps transmission before shipment.
*2 VDC is a new function to prevent malfunction by precisely detecting the sink device's performance.


Maximum Resolution 4K/60p 24bit(4:4:4) or 4K/60p 36bit(4:2:2)
HDMI Standard HDMI2.0a Base
Connector 24K gold plated
Connector Size W20.6mm x H10.8mm x D40.3mm
Outer Diameter of the cable 5.0Φ(for all models)
Cable Conductor Optical fiber for TMDS signal line, other lines are copper wire
Shield Double layered aluminum shield
Bend Radius 10mm
Lateral Cable Pressure Characteristic 1,000kgf/100mm (※reference value)
Note: The value is for reference only and is not intended to infer any guaranteed value.
Cable Color Black
Insulator PVC
Cable Configuration Hybrid of quartz fiber and copper wire(flexible type)
External Power Supply Power Supply jack into the HDMI connector on each of the source and sink sides*3
Current consumption: Source side approximately 150mA / Sink side approximately 130mA
HDMI Control Functions CEC and ARC supported, HEC not supported

*3 In compliance with the power consumption restriction as set forth in the HDMI standards, the product has built-in jacks for Power Supply and is also provided with two USB power cables.

wiring diagram

* We do not guarantee connectivity with all commercially available devices.
* Visit our website for 4K support details.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
LS2-015 1.5m
LS2-03 3m
LS2-10 10m
LS2-12 12m
LS2-15 15m
LS2-20 20m*4
LS2-30 30m*4

*4 Simple packaging for convenient use 20m and 30m cables.