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Performance model: NA6


  • A high-level noise control became a reality by a high-performance three-layer shield structure that combines different materials.
  • Dedicated development of inner sheath that formulated with conductive functional material.
  • The asymmetrical structure are disigned to be less susceptible to the external environment.

Example of connecting


Connector 8P8C Modular connector(RJ45)
Connector Size W13.9mm x H55.6mm x D16.3mm
Connector Structure 360 degree shielding with die-cast nickel-plated zinc
Standard Compliant with ANSI/TIA/EIA-568-B & IEC 60603-7-5
Outside Diameter 9Φ(mm)
Cable Color Purple
Conductor Single wire AWG24
Number of conductor Twisted Pair x 4(8)
Shield Structure OFC(high pure oxygen-free copper)
Conductor Coating Specially developed foamed polyethylene insulation
Drain Wire Asymmetric structure

Cross-section Diagram

Drain Wire: Asymmetric Structure

The asymmetric design utilizing drain wires at the end of the connectors are asymmetrically installed (grounded and not grounded), the cable has to be installed in the correct direction, for the optimal performance.

Drain Wire: Asymmetric Structure

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
NA6-005 0.5m
NA6-010 1m
NA6-015 1.5m
NA6-020 2m
NA6-030 3m
NA6-050 5m