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Flagship model: UA3

  • HiVi GP 2014


  • Uses pure silver(single core) conductor for the signal line and exhibits high-level transmission characteristics with the conductor size optimized.
  • Achieves overwhelming Electromagnetic Interference reduction with Asahi Kasei Corporation's PULSHUT® MU and a design that brings the most out of the characteristics of the materials.
    wiring diagram
    Reduces unwanted Electromagnetic Interference by cutting Electromagnetic Interference emitted from the device and conduction Electromagnetic Interference from the power source. PULSHUT® is a trademark of Asahi Kasei Corporation.
  • Arranges PULSHUT® sheath and aluminum and copper braided shields for each line and reduces Electromagnetic Interference between the lines with a double-sheath, quad-shield structure.
  • Adopts an SP separate flat structure that makes the optimum management of distance between the signal and power line and also any twists possible at all times.
  • Pursues the shield effect through to the end of the cable with copper and gold-coated shell shield inside the connector and copper-plated shield outside.

Example of connecting


Connector Type USB "A"plug / USB "B"plug
Connector Size Type A: W15.50mm x H41.50mm x D7.60mm
Type B: W11.10mm x H43.93mm x D10.00mm
Connector Shield 100% Covered Shield + Copper Foil
Contacts Gold Plated
Standards USB 2.0(USB High/Full speed)
Cable Size 8.0mm x 4.5mm(Flat)
Cable Color Black
Conductor Size AWG20 & AWG24
Number of conductor Twisted Pair x 2(4pcs)
Cable Sheath PULSHUT MU Sheath
Cable Shield Highly Efficient Aluminum Shield + High Density Copper

Cross-section Diagram

* All of the names and specifications of our products comply with the USB standards.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
UA3-R005 0.5m
UA3-R010 1m
UA3-R015 1.5m
UA3-R020 2m
UA3-R030 3m