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USB cable: UC1


  • Newly developed cable with optimal connector for TypeC / TypeB under the N-ZERO Concept.
  • Uses a oxygen-free copper hybrid conductor coated with pure silver.
  • A SP separate flat structure created to optimally control distance between the signal and power lines.
  • Mounts a filem stabilizer that produces powerful shielding effects and controls changes in characteristics.

Example of connecting


Connector Type USB "C"plug / USB "B"plug
Connector Size Type C: W12.20mm x H29.55mm x D8.20mm (Excluding protrusions)
Type B: W11.10mm x H43.93mm x D10.00mm (Excluding protrusions)
Contacts Gold Plated
Standards USB 2.0(USB High/Full speed)
Cable Size 8.0mm x 4.5mm(Flat)
Cable Color Black
Conductor Size AWG21 & AWG26
Number of conductor Twisted Pair x 2(4pcs)
Cable Shield Highly Efficient Aluminum Shield + High Density Copper Braid

* All of the names and specifications of our products comply with the USB standards.

* Make sure that the power of the main unit is turned off, and then connect the USB cable.

* Please check the shape of the terminal carefully before connecting.

Product Lineup

Model Number Length
UC1-005 0.5m
UC1-010 1m
UC1-015 1.5m
UC1-020 2m
UC1-030 3m