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High-resolution model: UM1


  • For micro/mini connectors only. A pure silver coated conductor is used.
  • Adopts a conventional SP separate flat structure to restrain electromagnetic interference.
  • Mounts a film stabilizer that produces powerful shielding effects and controls changes in characteristics.
  • Achieves excellent overall performance with the shield structure applied even to the inner part of the connector.

Example of connecting


Connector Type USB "A"plug / USB "Micro B"plug USB "A"plug / USB "Mini B"plug
Connector Size Type A: W15.50mm x H41.50mm x D7.60mm
Type B: W10.40mm x H26.43mm x D8.00mm
Type A: W15.50mm x H41.50mm x D7.60mm
Type B: W10.40mm x H26.40mm x D8.20mm
Connector Shield All Around Copper Shell + Copper Shield
Connector terminal Gold Plated
Standards USB 2.0(USB High/Full speed)
Cable Size 6.5mm x 3.5mm(Flat Shape)
Cable Color Black
Conductor Size AWG28
Number of conductor Twisted Pair x 2(4pcs)
Cable Shield High Quality Aluminum Shield

* All of the names and specifications of our products comply with the USB standards.

Product Lineup

A-Micro B

Model Number Length
UM1-C0015 0.15m
UM1-C005 0.5m
UM1-C010 1m
UM1-C015 1.5m
UM1-C020 2m
UM1-C030 3m

A-Mini B

Model Number Length
UM1-N0015 0.15m
UM1-N005 0.5m
UM1-N010 1m
UM1-N015 1.5m
UM1-N020 2m
UM1-N030 3m